Artur Jankowski

 Why are you in the ASPEN project?

I’m in the Aspen Bistro project because I find it really interesting.  My experience so far has told me that here I will be able to take care of the guests down to the last detail.  This will be possible by both the relatively small size of the premises and working with a committed and experienced team.

 How has your culinary journey been so far?

My professional career in gastronomy began 14 years ago.  I am a graduate of art at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Krakow, but I inherited my true passion, i.e. love for cooking, from my grandfather Franciszek Garus, who cooked for, among others, Marshal Piłsudski.  Cooking has always been my passion, and composing my own flavors gave me great fun.  At the beginning I gained my culinary skills in hotels in Krakow: Andel’s, Sheraton, Radison.  Then it was time to test the acquired skills abroad.  Going abroad enabled me to train with the best chefs, which resulted in working in the Michelin-starred Fauna restaurant in Oslo.  Now I would like to transfer my experience to the ASPEN kitchen and encourage our guests to discover original flavors.

How do you feel about working with two other chefs?

Three chefs allow for a wider interpretation of each product.  As a result, brainstorming will give us the opportunity to beautifully release a dish with a unique taste.

 Why did you choose Szczyrk as your place of development?

When they ask me why Szczyrk I answer honestly – because there is a woman I love here.

 What is your motto in the kitchen?

My motto in the kitchen is the highest quality, fresh product transformed into a certain visual ideal on the plate.  The release of a dish that I would like to eat myself.  Of course, every guest is important to me, so it is normal for me (if possible) to visit them at the table.