Why are you in the ASPEN project?

The Aspen project was created on the basis of our dreams, passion for cooking and playing with the flavors of world cuisine.  We imagined a place where our customers and friends could sit at the table together, spend time in an interesting interior, playing with flavors and testing the dishes served by our outstanding chefs.  Drink good wine – just spend a wonderful time at the table with friends.  A place where it is not only about eating a meal, it is a place where the taste and atmosphere make it remembered for a long time – simply “A Place to Remember”.

 How has your culinary journey been so far?

My culinary journey began in childhood, I loved cooking and learning simple dishes from my grandmother and mother.  I was learning about the flavors that became the flavors of my childhood.  Later, it was time to study at a gastronomic school and train in the profession of a nutrition technician, cooking and further education in this wide field, which is gastronomy.  Then came the fascination with the art of bartending, first training and learning.  Then there was an opportunity to take a course with one of the best bartenders in the world, Leszek Machoń, and so I came to a decision to star in the National Bacardi Olympics of Young Bartenders – Martini Poland – Polish Young Bartenders Championships at the Jan III Sobieski Hotel in Warsaw.  At the end of the road, studies with a specialization in Hospitality and World Tourist Service.  Thanks to great training by Leszek, I was in the 10th final, finally taking the 7th place – further on commission I performed Bartender shows at private events, at banquets in star hotels and outdoor events.

Despite a very long break and running my business in a completely different industry, gastronomy was still somewhere in the back of your mind.  By following trends and news, as well as how the gastronomy and hotel industry is developing, the idea of ​​creating something that is not available in Szczyrk and our region – Aspen was born.

 Why did you choose Szczyrk as your place of development?

This place is magical, it has the atmosphere of a tourist town where you can spend your time brilliantly.  Beautiful views, delicious regional cuisine, fresh air make everything tastes better in the Beskids – and the best in our Aspen.  The dishes are made of fresh products of the best quality, from which our chefs conjure up dishes that you will not eat anywhere else in the region, and their taste will be remembered for a long time by everyone.  The guesthouse offers comfortable rooms, providing an ideal base for trips to the mountains and exploring the attractions of the region.


What is your motto in the kitchen?

I have always followed a simple and transparent rule – every business is built by people.  Employees who are like family. Thanks to them that every business works with correct and wise management.  Not machines, buildings or computers, but people and their personalities, and the enthusiasm that is built by relationships with owners in a family atmosphere with mutual respect.  I have always strived to run a business in such a way that, in addition to the profits for which it is mainly done, I would have that “fun”.  Love what is being created and feeling of fulfillment in building your own company.  Hard work + passion + satisfied employees and customers = success of the project, team and brand.

The Aspen project is the desire to build a trademark recognizable not only in the region, but throughout Poland.  It is a taste that will remain in your memory, and your participation in this process is of great value.  Let’s create a special place together, playing with the taste and passion for creating Aspen.